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Seminari del terzo piano – Σεμινάρια του τρίτου ορόφου

Starting from 2018 the Italian Archaeological School at Athens runs a Seminars programme organized and hosted by the Post Doctoral Fellows of the current year.


Topics presented fall within the wide-range of the Fellows’ research interests and address in particular the themes of their own projects. The talks are aimed at providing opportunity for debate and discussion. 

Attendance of young scholars and students is particularly encouraged. However, the talks are open to everyone interested.

Seminars are held on Thursday at 5 pm, once in a month, in the Seminar room on the third floor.

A reservation might be required due to the limited availability of seats in the seminar room.


Thursday 11/10/2018 - 17:00

V. Di Napoli (University of Patras-Swiss School of Archaeology in Greece), Romanizing Greece? Spectacles and Buildings

organized by Paolo Storchi

  Thursday 15/11/2018 - 17:00

E. Tzavella (TOPOI project - Humboldt Universitat zu Berlin), Attica after Antiquity (4th-7th c.)

organized by Yuri A. Marano

  Thursday 13/12/2018 - 17:00

S. Katsarou (Ephorate of Palaeoanthropology-Spelaeology), Rituals in caves in the Neolithic in Greece

organized by Barbara Carè


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